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RVS-5350-W Wireless Backup Camera System with Built-in Sensors
Product Highlights
  • Wireless Backup Camera System with Built-In Sensors
  • Monitor Displays Camera and Distance to Obstacles
  • System Provides Visual and Audible Alert from Obstacles
  • 120° Ultra Wide Viewing Angle
  • Completely Waterproof Camera - IP68
Product Details

With sensors built right into this wireless backup camera, this system offers enhanced safety by displaying the view behind your vehicle and the distance before objects. Its wireless connectivity allows for a very quick and easy install without having to run cabling through the vehicle from the camera to monitor. The camera boasts a 120° viewing angle together with an IP68 waterproof rating allowing it to function perfectly in all weather conditions. The 4.3" TFT LCD display shows the backup camera view and the distance behind the vehicle. With this system you'll be able to see and be warned audibly about objects behind your vehicle.

Product Dimensions

Camera: 1.2" (H) x 7.5" (L) x 0.8" (D)
Monitor: 3.3" (H) x 4.6" (L) x 0.9" (D)

Spec Sheet & Manual

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RVS-5350-W Wireless Backup Camera with Built-in Sensors

Wireless Built-in Sensor System

Sometimes, just a backup camera is not quite enough to protect you and your vehicle from backwards

collisions. With sensors built right into the backup camera, this system will protect you even at those times.

Even while your attention is wavering and you aren't focusing on the rear view display, this system will alert

you audibly from obstacles behind you, keeping you protected in all situations.

  • 1 x Weatherproof Backup Camera with Built-in Sensors
  • 1 x 4.3" LCD Display
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x 5ft Wireless Transmitter
  • 1 x 5ft Wireless Receiver
  • 1 x External Speaker
System Specs
  • Operating VoltageDC 9-16V
  • Operating Current<= 150mA
  • Viewing Angle120°
  • IP RatingIP68
  • Display4.3" LCD
  • Wireless Range50ft
  • Ultrasonic Frequency40KHz
  • Detecting Distance0.3 ~ 1.50m
  • Working Temperature-20°C ~ 85°C
  • Storage Temperature-30°C ~ 85°C
Monitor Specs
  • Overall Dimensions 3.3" (H) x 4.6" (L) x 0.9" (D)
Camera Specs
  • Overall Dimensions 1.2" (H) x 7.5" (L) x 0.8" (D)

Questions on Wireless Backup Camera System with Built-in Sensors

  • From JSchlosser at 7/19/2015 8:26 AM
    • The installation instructions show lots of wiring. Is this wireless?
    • Yes, it's wireless. You need to draw separate power for both the camera and monitor and each need to connect to their transmitter. This is all done with wires. The connection between the camera and monitor however, is wireless. This saves you from running cabling through the vehicle which is the most difficult part of installation.
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  • From Francis at 8/11/2015 8:34 PM
    • Can a Pioneer touchscreen radio with a backup camera option be used in place of the montior?
    • Such a monitor can definitely be used with one of our wired cameras. With our wireless cameras however, this monitor won't work. Our wireless cameras only work with their corresponding wireless monitors.
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  • From Pat at 8/13/2015 5:37 AM
    • Does the rvs-5350-w have night vision & is the wireless CCD or CMOS?
    • The camera does have night vision and with just a little ambient light will provide a good image even at night.
      The sensor is a CMOS sensor.
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  • From Phil at 8/16/2015 11:48 PM
    • what is the greatest distance the camera transmitter can broadcast a signal to the monitor's receiver?
    • The transmission distance for this system is 50 feet.
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  • From Charlie at 9/8/2015 11:28 AM
    • If there are multiple vehicles with the camera systems installed will they interfere with each other? I am looking at installing them on fire trucks and sometimes we will have several trucks backing up at the same time near each other.
    • There shouldn't be any interference between the systems. The cameras and monitors connect specifically to their corresponding components and shouldn't be affected by any other systems.
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  • From Kalpna Christian at 9/17/2015 4:15 AM
    • Does the monitor comes with suction cup mount or not?
    • No, the monitor comes with a mount with an adhesive pad.
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  • From robert at 10/11/2015 11:56 AM
    • the system is "on" at all time? even as you drive down the road,showing what is behind the car? A wire will "show" when the monitor is installed on the dash?
    • You can wire it so that it's on the whole time but it isn't recommended as this will mean that the sensors will also be on all the time even while not reversing. This may get a little annoying as it will beep every time someone pulls up behind you...
      It's recommended to wire so that it only comes on when in reverse.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Hector Torres at 10/11/2015 11:06 PM
    • Can the screen that comes with the camera, replace my other screen instead of being mounted? And is the screen touch screen?
    • You can replace your screen with this one but it will only function as a display for the backup camera. It will not have the functions of your current display. The screen is not touch screen.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Paul Rippeth at 10/15/2015 4:04 PM
    • 30' toy hauler, 5' tongue, hitch and extension, 6.5' truck bed and 5' to dash. Previous question you said 50' transmission distance. Your backup camera system will work for my application correct?
    • The transmission will reach, however it won't fit ideally for your application. The sensor speaker (to alert you of objects behind you) is connected to the camera end of the system in the back of the Toy Hauler. In an application like yours, you won't be able to hear any alert from this sensor. The monitor will display the sensor distance, you just won't get the audible alert in the front of the pickup.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Verl at 12/23/2015 2:23 PM
    • Is it possible to get a larger monstor?
    • Unfortunately, this is the only monitor available with this camera system.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Rob at 1/5/2016 7:23 PM
    • Can the camera be powered from the back up light circuit?
    • Absolutely! That is actually where we recommend drawing power for the camera.
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  • From Lana at 1/30/2016 10:45 PM
    • Does the monitor show distance scale lines to assist parking?
    • Unfortunately, it does not have distance grid lines. It does however display the distance behind the vehicle as well as alert you audibly about it.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Mark Rainwater at 1/31/2016 10:50 PM
    • So the audible sounds are located at the camera and not at the monitor? How will I hear it if windows are up and radio is on and people outside the vehicle will hear it, correct?
    • The speaker is located at the camera end not the monitor but the idea is to mount it inside the vehicle at the back. This way you'll hear it coming from the back even from the front of the vehicle.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From JB at 2/16/2016 9:28 PM
    • Can this be mounted on the rear License Plate screws? The dimensions look pretty close to the license plate mounted cameras.
    • Yes, this can mount together with the license plate using the same license plate screws.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Tom at 4/8/2016 4:07 PM
    • Can the monitor be moved from the dash then replaced as needed, or is the adhesive mount permanent?
    • The adhesive mount is designed to be permanent but the monitor can be removed and the adhesive pad then replaced if needed.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From A.B. at 11/16/2016 9:44 PM
    • 1. How high and low above the ground must be the camera?
      2. Can the camera be placed inside the car at the rear window?
      3. Does the camera eye needs to be adjusted to a certain angle looking slightly up or down while attached to as low as to the license plate or placed higher inside the car at the rear window?
      4. How does the camera display the distances without scale lines?
    • 1. There's no definitive amount for this but the camera mounts right on top of the license plate and that's usually the best position for it.
      2. It can be but we don't usually recommend it because the image simply may not be as clear as outside.
      3. Yes. When mounted to the license plate, the camera angle might be tilted just very slightly down while if mounted higher, inside the vehicle, it would probably be tilted slightly further down.
      4. The camera displays the amount of meters to obstacles behind the vehicle.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Bob at 2/18/2017 12:58 PM
    • I have a Chrysler Town and Country Van, the license plate is on the rear deck that opens. Finding a power source and back-up light source may be difficult. Does this system work with a van?
    • Yes, backup cameras are often placed on opening rear doors. You can wire the cable for it the same way other power is run to different components in the door.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From LARRY SULLIVAN at 3/14/2017 6:18 PM
    • 1. Is it possible to connect a wire from the sensor unit to a speaker inside the vehicle?

      2. Is the monitor digital?

      3. Can the distance indications be changed from the metric sys.?

      4. What does this mean? The speaker is located at the camera end not the monitor but the idea is to mount it inside the vehicle at the back. This way you'll hear it coming from the back even from the front of the vehicle.
    • 1. Unfortunately it is not possible to attach another speaker.

      2. Yes, the monitor is digital.

      3. No, the distance indications cannot be changed.

      4. The speaker attaches to the camera, not the monitor. The speaker is to be installed inside the car, so you can hear the warnings when driving.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No

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Auto Iris Sensor

Senses ambient light and automatically adjusts infra-red strength based on the ambient light.

Display Contrast/Contrast Ratio

The ratio of the brightest color (white) to the darkest color (black) that the system is capable of producing. A high contrast ratio is a desired aspect of any display.

Display Format/Display Aspect Ratio

The proportional comparison between a display’s width and height. It is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon. Common aspect ratios for displays are 4:3, 16:9, and 21:9. 16:9 is the international standard format for Full HD.

Dot Pitch

A dot pitch measures the maximum sharpness of a displayed image. Usually measured in millimeters (mm), a smaller number means a sharper image.

Dot Resolution

Dots are elements that make up an image. The higher the dot resolution, the higher quality the image.

Event Mode

Video recording mode which causes footage to be overwrite protected. Event mode is usually triggered with unusual vehicle movement or sudden impact.


Frames per second (FPS) is a measurement of how many unique consecutive images a camera can handle every second.


Measures impact or sudden changes in velocities. Once the G-Sensor is activated, event mode automatically begins.

Gamma Correction

Corrects colors on your display.


A style of video compression that allows for the greatest video quality with the smallest storage space.

IP Rating

The IP rating measures protection against solid and liquid objects. The larger the number, the higher the rating. An IP69K rating is the highest rating available, meaning that the system is completely weatherproof.

Infra-Red Illuminator

Infra-red lights are for night vision. Infra-reds emit light which the human eye cannot detect but cameras can. This greatly increases visibility in zero or low light conditions without an actual visible light source. Many of our cameras are equipped with infra-red lights.

Loop Recording

Video recording mode where after video storage is full, the camera will seamlessly loop over and begin recording over the oldest footage.

Mobile DVR

A recording device used to record video footage. DVR's are useful for fleet managers because they provide footage of accidents and information on vehicle's whereabouts and driving routes.

Motion Detection

A feature that automatically records before, during and after an impact while in parking mode. This way the driver has footage from an accident, even when they’re away from their car.


The control unit or "brain" of the system. The multiplexer powers the system, receives all cameras feeds and sends them to the monitor. The multiplexer is connected straight to the fuse box and has a power capacity of 12-24 volts.


National Television System Committee (NTSC) is a video system that transmits 30 frames per second (FPS).

Necessary/Usable Illumination

Measures how much ambient light (measure in lux) is needed to view an image. If your system has infra-red illuminators, 0 lux is needed.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) refers to equipment that was installed in a vehicle when it was manufactured. OEM style is an installation with a clean, factory look.


Phase Alternation by Line (PAL) is a video system that transmits 25 frames per second (FPS).

Picture Elements

Picture elements is another way to write pixel. A pixel is the smallest addressable element in digital imaging. The more pixels, the higher the quality image.

Power Supply

Most of our systems may be powered by 12 or 24 volt batteries, meaning they can be powered by the vehicle battery. DC stands for direct current.

S/N Ratio (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)

Compares the level of desired signal to the level of background noise. A ratio above 1:1 (greater than 0dB) indicates more signal than noise.


A physical or mechanical shock is a sudden acceleration caused by outside factors such as impact. It is usually measured in G units, which represent multiples of the acceleration of gravity.


A high quality monitor used in appliances such as television sets, computer monitors and mobile phones. A TFT LCD monitor improves image qualities including contrast and sharpness. These displays only use up to half the power of a traditional monitor.

TV Lines

The maximum number of alternating light and dark vertical lines that can be resolved per picture height. The higher the number, the better the image quality


An automatic action that occurs when a specific operation occurs. An example is a rear camera view displaying when a car is put into reverse.


A mechanical phenomenon where fluctuations occur about an equilibrium point. It is usually measured in g units, which represent multiples of the acceleration of gravity.




GIVE OUR TECH TEAM A CALL AT (800) 764-1028.

Please Note: our tech team will help with questions regarding our systems but may not have the answer with regards to installation for your specific vehicle.
For vehicle specific questions, refer to your vehicle's user manual or contact your dealer.

Do you provide instruction manuals? 
We do! Click here to view all of our product manuals.

Do the backup camera systems work at night? 
Yes - most of our backup cameras come with infra-red lights and all come with excellent night vision. 

Do the camera systems come with everything needed to install?
Yes, all components necessary for installation are included in our camera system packages.

Will I be able to install a camera system myself?
Many people do have the handiness to install our systems without having to hire assistance. Otherwise we recommend professional installation as they can guarantee that the system is installed correctly. Click here to search for a recommended installer in your area.

How do the systems receive power?
Most systems need just 12V power and they receive this either from the cigarette lighter or straight from the vehicle's fuse box. 

Do the systems function properly in rain and bad weather?
All of our backup cameras are completely waterproof and will function perfectly in all weather conditions. 

Can the camera systems remain on to view continuously while you drive?
Yes, they can. You can wire the systems to stay on as long as the vehicle is on or to come on only in reverse.

With a quad view system, do you need to connect all trigger wires to see all camera views?
No, trigger wires do not need to be powered to see camera views. Simply navigate to the preset quad view option from the monitor menu.

Can I customize a system?
Yes, most of our systems are customizable and all components in our wired systrems are interchangeable. Custom orders can be placed at (800) 764-1028.

What is the lead time on orders?
Most orders will ship on the same day. Our shipping cut-off time is 2:00pm EST Mon-Thurs and 1:30pm on Friday.

Does Rear View Safety offer pricing for dealers and fleets?
We most definitely do! You can apply for the dealer program here and fleet program here.

Does Rear View Safety only sell backup cameras?
No, we carry a multitude of vehicle safety solutions including Dash Cameras, Backup Sensors, Mobile DVR's and many other safety accessories.

Does Rear View Safety ship internationally?
Yes, we ship to any and every place in the world! (where shipping is available)

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal.

Does Rear View Safety offer a warranty?
Yes, all of our products come with a one year warranty. An extended two year warranty is also available for purchase.


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