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Backup Sensors and Proximity Sensor Systems

Sensor systems work harmoniously with backup camera systems in that they alert the driver audibly so that he/she is aware of obstacles behind their vehicle, even without looking at the rear view monitor. These proximity sensors can also easily be added to a backup camera system for the ultimate protection and safety of being able to see, and be warned audibly about obstacles behind the vehicle. 

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  1. Rear View Safety | Waterproof Backup Sensor Reversing System | RVS-112-W

    The RVS-112-W Vehicle Reversing Aid is an automatic backup alert system that warns drivers of potential obstacles behind their vehicle - up to 8ft away! The cables, control module, and sensors a...


  2. Rear View Safety | Backup Sensor System (Waterproof) | RVS-115-W

    This high quality proximity sensor system is a complete package, works independently of other systems and comes with everything needed for installation. Its 4 sensors mount on the rear bumper of...


  3. Rear View Safety Pedestrian Curbside Detection System RVS-117
    The RVS-117 is a 4 sensor system that alerts the driver to potential hazards from the front and side of the vehicle. Ideal for buses or other heavy-duty vehicles, the system is equipped with 3 dist...

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  4. Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with Built-in Sensors RVS-5350

    With sensors built right into the backup camera, this system offers enhanced safety by displaying the view behind your vehicle and warning you audibly about objects in your path. Its 120° vi...


    Backordered: Will ship in 5-6 weeks.

  5. Rear View Safety Blind Spot Sensor System RVS-118

    Our Blind Spot Sensor System mounts sensors on either side of the vehicle to alert you of vehicles in your side blind spots. One of the hardest to areas to see around your vehicle while driving ...


  6. Rear View Safety Wireless Backup Camera System with Built-in Sensors RVS-5350-W

    With sensors built right into this wireless backup camera, this system offers enhanced safety by displaying the view behind your vehicle and the distance before objects. Its wireless conne...


  7. Rear View Safety | Advanced Blind Spot Sensor System | RVS-128

    The RVS-128 uses microwave sensor technology and has a quick, easy, and simple installation. The strong, waterproof microwave sensors are surface mounted near the front of the vehicle. This comm...


  8. Rear View Safety | Microwave Blind Spot Sensor System | RVS-122
    Finally, a blind spot sensor system specifically designed for RV's with no drilling or complicated installation. Simply place the microwave sensors behind the side panelling on your RV. The system ...

  9. Rear View Safety | Radar Object Detection System | RVS-123
    Accidents with industrial heavy duty commercial vehicles are dangerous and expensive. The last count by the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statis...

    Backordered: Will ship in 5-6 weeks.

  10. Rear View Safety | SenseStat® Wireless Obstacle Detection Sensor System | RVS-125
    The RVS-125 displays distance, accurate to within one-inch, allowing the driver to identify the precise location of an obstruction when backing up a tractor-trailer. All done simply, reliably and w...

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