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RVS-770616N Backup Camera System with Side Cameras
Product Highlights
  • Backup Camera System with 1 Backup and 2 Side Cameras
  • 7" or 9" TFT LCD Digital Color Display (See Item Options)
  • Waterproof Cameras with Infra-Red Night Vision
  • Optional Quad View Upgrade (See Item Options)
  • Built-in Mic and Speaker for Audio
Product Details

This system is complete with a crystal clear color DIGITAL 7 inch TFT-LCD monitor with distance grid lines and mirror image capability, two (2) Side CCD cameras with 120° viewing angle with 50 foot infra-red night vision, 1 heavy duty CCD 130° angle back up camera with 18 built in Infra-reds and all the wires, connectors and mounts you will need. The system is completely weatherproof with an IP69K rating, strong and reliable, shock resistant, with a 20G vibration rating (highest in the industry), and comes with a full year warranty.

System can be upgraded to the Quad View Monitor where multiple cameras can be viewed simultaneously. 

Spec Sheet & Manual

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RVS-770616N Backup Camera System with Side Cameras

Backup Camera

This color CCD camera is built with heavy duty zinc metal which encases the 2.1 mm Sharp® lens. It has a viewing angle

of 130 degrees and 600 TV lines, which means you get the best quality image with no blind spots. The 18 infra red lights allow

you to see up to 50 feet even in the darkest night and the foam around the lens guarantees no glare from these infra reds.

With an IP69K rating this camera will be fit to ride out any storm and boasts a 20G vibration rating as well as

aircraft grade cable connections.


Side Camera Highlights

Side Camera 

The Side Cameras that come with our systems are made from heavy duty zinc metal and come with a 2.1 mm

Sharp® CCD lens. Their viewing angle is 120° and with 9 Infrared Lights will allow you to see more than 30ft

in total darkness. Its mounting bracket is removable allowing the camera to be mounted flush on the vehicle if so desired.

Our Side Cameras are completely weather proof with an IP68 rating, shock resistant with a 20G Vibration Rating

and come with Aircraft Grade Cable Connections.


Monitor Highlights

Widescreen Monitor 

Our 7" TFT LCD Color Monitor comes with a Super Sharp Digital Display and a pixel resolution of 800 X 480.

The distance grid lines that come standard with these monitors are optional and adjustable.

It has built-in speakers and its menu can be navigated with the on dash buttons or with the remote

which comes included.


Multiplexer Highlights

Multiplexer and System 

The control unit or "brains of our system is what we call the multiplexer. It powers our system,

receives all camera feeds and sends them to the monitor. Its three inputs allow for multiple camera connection.

This multiplexer connects straight to the fuse box, handles 12-24 volts and comes

with a separate trigger wire for each camera connected.

  • 2 x Color CCD Waterproof Infra-Red Side Cameras
  • 1 x Color CCD Waterproof Infra-Red Backup Camera
  • 1 x DIGITAL 7" or 9" TFT LCD Color Monitor With Universal Mount/stand And Wire (See Item Options)
  • 1 x 66' Backup Camera Cable
  • 2 x 33' Side Camera Cables
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Power Connection Wire
  • 1 x RCA Adaptor
  • 1 Screw Kit For Installation
Monitor Specs
    • TypeTFT LCD
    • Screen Size7"
    • Dot Resolution800 X 3 (RGB) X 480
    • Display Format/Contrast16:9 / 500:1
    • Display Brightness400cd/㎡
    • Viewing AngleU:50° D:60° L/R:70°
    • Video Input3 channel
    • Video Source1Vp-p, 75Ω
    • Power SupplyDC 12V-24V (+/- 10%)
    • Power Consumption5W
    • Operating Temperature-30°C ~ +80° C
    • Video SystemAuto NTSC/PAL
    • Overall Dimensions7" (L) x 5" (H) x 1" (D)
    • Weight400G
    • Vibration Rating5G
    • DOT PITCH0.192 (H) X 0.1805 (V)
    • Sync SystemInternal
Camera Specs
  • Camera1/4" Sharp® Color CCD
  • Picture Elements250,000 pixels
  • Gamma Correctionr=0.45 to 1.0
  • Image Sensor600 TV lines, PAL: 500 (H) x 582 (V), NTSC: 510 (H) x 492 (V)
  • Lens2.1mm
  • View Angle130°
  • Waterproof RatingIP69K
  • Sync SystemInternal Synchronization
  • Infra-red distance50 Feet (18 Infrared)
  • Usable Illumination0 Lux (IR On)
  • Power SourceDC 12V-24V (+/- 10%)
  • S/N RatioMore than 48dB
  • Electronic Iris1/50, 160-1/100,000sec
  • Video Output1Vp-p 75 Ω
  • IR Switch ControlACDS Automatic Control
  • Vibration and Impact Rating20G / 100G
  • Operating Temperature-40°C ~ +80°C / RH 95% Max
  • Storage Temperature-40°C ~ +60°C / RH 95% Max
Side Camera Specs
  • Camera1/4" Sharp® Color CCD
  • Picture Elements250,000 pixels
  • Gamma Correctionr=0.45 to 1.0
  • Image Sensor420 TV lines, PAL: 500 (H) x 582 (V), NTSC: 510 (H) x 492 (V)
  • Lens2.1mm
  • View Angle120°
  • Sync SystemInternal Synchronization
  • Infra-red distance30 Feet (9 Infrared)
  • Usable Illumination0 Lux (IR On)
  • Power SourceDC 12V-24V (+/- 10%)
  • S/N RatioMore than 48dB
  • Electronic Iris1/50, 160-1/100,000sec
  • Video Output1Vp-p 7 5Ω
  • IR Switch ControlACDS Automatic Control
  • Vibration and Impact Rating20G / 100G
  • Operating Temperature-40°C ~ +80°C / RH 95% Max
  • Storage Temperature-40°C ~ +60°C / RH 95% Max

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  1. very good system Review by big daddy

    so glad I used rear view safty I got the 9in monitor I have it set so I can see side cams an rear all at same time long trip to key west from Michigan an worked very well easy install good direction off internet (Posted on 10/5/2016)

  2. Met expectations Review by Patricia A. Zwiers

    Have not installed it yet. I'm putting this in a motor home and it is currently in storage, so I will install it in another month. (Posted on 4/4/2016)

  3. Augments old Black and White system Review by Lemon Twist

    My RV has a black and white Sony that is good for parking the rig but that was about all. I wanted side cameras that would provide a broader view of what was going on next to the RV.

    The 7" monitor is clear and easy to see with good picture quality. The controls are intuitive and it only takes a couple of minutes to figure everything out.

    The side cameras were marked left and right on the cable and were easy to install. Drilling a 3/4 inch whole was easy and the grommet fit snugly. Each of the three cameras come with a sixty foot extension cable so there was lots of slack to deal with on the side cameras. My RV is 40 feet long and there was plenty of cable to go front to back.

    The cameras are rugged and easily adjusted and it only took a couple of trips up the ladder to get the rear set where I wanted it.

    The way the system is meant to be installed requires connection to trigger circuits that activate the monitor and appropriate camera. That would be left and right turn and backup light circuits.
    You can force the system on by pressing the power button and then selecting the camera you want to be active. With the trigger system the display and cameras are only on when you are turning or backing up.

    I installed a switch between the rear camera trigger and the multiplexer so that I have the option of automatic mode (triggers activate the cameras) or always on mode. The always on mode is great for backing into tight places where you would like to have more visibility on the side and turn signal operation is difficult. You could do it with the turn signals but the switch makes it very easy. A push of a button allows you to toggle between the tree cameras.

    The cameras work quite well at night.

    I mounted the multiplexer in my power bay that is on the drivers side accessible from the outside. The wires were sufficient to make connection to power, ground, and the triggers. I mounted the switch on the drivers side window console with all the other switches and marked it "Camera" with an "Auto" and "All on" position. I needed about 3 feet of wire to go from the switch to the mux wire harness. I mounted the display on left side of the dash and the cable was long enough to go to the mux in the power bay. It is probably about 8 feet long. I didn't measure it, and this is an estimate.

    The instructions are lacking and if you really need someone to tell you exactly what to do every step of the way you will be disappointed. They are adequate in that they provide sufficient detail to let you get the system up and running. I think there are many places where this system can be used and might be part of the reason for some lack of detail. Everything is labeled and I had no trouble knowing what I needed to do.

    The most difficult part of the operation was fishing the wire from the front of the RV to the rear, but it is very doable and all wires are tucked out of sight.

    There is a video our connection and you could send the video to a recorder if you have a situation where recording is necessary. There are plenty of other places a system like this would be useful and the triggers could be supplied by switches on doors, for example.

    Considering the price, quality of materials, and function I will give it 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone needing rear and side cameras on their RV. Glad I bought it. (Posted on 4/4/2016)

  4. Documentation Review by Tom

    The camera system is good, works well, but the documentation supplied is absolutely worthless. It gives you device size, weight, but zero information on how to hook up or what to do with screws and remote control supplied. No information on mode settings, in short they would have been better off not supplying a single page rather than the booklet they shipped. Additionally, there is no indication on any of the cameras as to which side is up. I installed them and learned they were upside down the hard way. An additional issue are the wire leads supplied. Way to short to reach anything such as the power supply or blinkers or ground. SOmeone at the manufacturer also believes it is a good idea to call the cameras 1 and 2 rather than left and right. Like I said, the system works well once you struggle through it, but based on the documentation, I would almost give it a one star rating. (Posted on 4/4/2016)

  5. Best Cameras I have seen Review by Traveling Man

    I purchased this Rear View Camera System to replace a back and white single camera on the rear that had died. The price was excellent as it was $1,000 cheaper than other companies so I had medium to low expectations. I had it professional installed with the monitor in the same location (minor cutting needed) as my old black and white. From the first use I noticed the clarity and definition of this new system far exceeded my expectations. With the main rear camera adjusted, you can see the bumper and about a half mile behind you. When the turn signal is used, the proper right or left camera is displayed so there are no blind spots. The only minor problem is their manual needs better documentation. I had a question for the manufacturer today and also mentioned the documentation issue. The tech person told me they were updating their documentation and it should be on their website the first part of September. I strongly recommend the purchase of this product. (Posted on 4/4/2016)

  6. This is the best Review by Anonymous

    I was looking at the voyager rear view camera system sold at most online RV retailers that sells for 1,000.00 to 2,000 dollars. I was a little doubtful about a system that cost so much less. I did a lot of research and have found the maker of this system has been selling this system to commercial trucking and tour bus companies for a long time. And they have a very good reputation. This system was very easy to install and works just great. The hardest part of installation was installing the video cable from the front to the rear. I had to crawl under the motor home while it was jacked up in the air and blocked to be able to run the video cable up in the chassis to hide the cable from anything that might snag it while traveling down the road. I love how when I turn my signals on to change lanes I can see the complete length of my motorhome and further. This eliminated any blind spots I had before installing this system.

    August 2nd update: Just got back from a couple of thousand mile trip and want to update my review. I was through dust, dirt, rain, and the camera's work just out standing. At night the camera's work good enough to see the whole length of my 38ft motorhome. I mounted my rear camera about mid way up the back of the motorhome rear cap, and positioned it straight back, to be able to see further behind the motorhome and beyond the dingy I pull. The in dash monitor (the Sony installed at time of manufacture) still is hooked up and I use that monitor see the dingy and the connections as I travel down the road, and also to for backing up to see obstacles that are very close. Lane changes are a breeze now because when I signal I can see the side of the coach and the lane beside me for any obstacles. Also I have found that If I leave the monitor off (which at times I do to minimize the dash board distractions, such as at night time)the system still activates when I activate a turn signal to make a lane change. Only the side that I want to activate turns on then. All and All I give the system two thumbs up for ease of installation and the added safety I now have to able to see each lane on either side or to the rear.

    Installed on a 38ft Monaco Dynasty diesel pusher. (Posted on 4/4/2016)

  7. Works very well! Review by Chris A

    I purchased this system to replace my old black and white single camera system. The first thing I noticed is that the camera housings are very beefy (heavy). If weight indicates quality, they didn't skimp. I was able to take the side camera housings apart and paint them to match the coach.

    The length of the rear camera wire was long enough (40ft Diesel Pusher), though honestly the wires supplied for the side camera's were way too long (same length, ~65 feet). Rather have them too long then too short, that is for sure.

    I wired mine to have the backup camera operating full time, and use the button on the monitor to switch to the side views as needed.

    One thing I would love to find, but havent yet, is a 3 position rocker, where I can wire the center position to provide +12v, and then flip left or right to power the turn signal wires on the monitor. I tested, and with the +12v supplied all the time to the signal input for the backup camera (which I prefer), trying to use the indicator inputs does nothing. I half expected this, and this is where a switch would help.

    Other then that, this unit is high quality, the camera's look good and seem built to last, and the kit has everything you need. Hardest part of install is obviously running the wires (correctly). I have a few hundred miles of use in now, but no nighttime. Will update review if the nightime quality isn't what I expect. (Posted on 4/4/2016)

  8. Works better than expected. Easy install Review by Eric Lee Elliott

    Fits instrument panel in place of original CRT based monitor, provides 3 camera views. Original monitor had one camera, poor view by day, too bright by night. New system does 3 views, triggers side cameras by turn indicator lamp wires, can be set dim for night travels. Pleased with system.
    If it had video output for recording, I would buy 3 more systems for security & collision recordings. Would be better if it had slow automatic adjustment for night operation but most motor homes are not driven at night as we do. Maybe I should have bought a higher model system for my security & night driving purposes but it works much bette than original system and better than expected for price paid.
    Count me a pleased customer. (Posted on 4/4/2016)

  9. Semi truck install was a breeze! Review by Tdog

    This is used on a large International truck that hauls long trailers, cameras mounted on headache rack just behind cab up high. The install is straight forward and the color screen is fantastic. Backing up is great but I have it set up to view sides of the trailer as required/requested. The instructions show enough to get the job done but is easily seen that it is done by someone overseas. Anyway one key thing is there are trigger wires for each camera. One for reverse to have the rear camera come on with shifting to reverse and side ones with signal/turn lights. You DO NOT have to hook these up to anything for the cameras and screen to work. That was something that is not covered. I can select which camera I want on from the drivers seat and leave it on as long as I want. It comes with plenty of camera line cord. I intalled the camera brackets with heavier bolts/screws than what it came with. Easy install and does not take too much time depending on how clean a job you want done. Thanks Rear View for the nice product. Hopefully it lasts a long time. Seems to be built well and comes packaged well. If I was older and was putting it on a large RV, I would hire a professional to do it and have the install part warranteed. Make sure you buy a bunch of wire ties in the color you want, I chose black, to tie up and tuck extra wires away and tied up. This was better than I expected and for the price you get a whole lot! (Posted on 4/4/2016)

  10. Good product Review by Carletta Skaggs

    The only negative thing is that at night they are pretty useless. Advertised as being night friendly but not so much. I try to avoid night driving most of the time and the day time they are great. Makes changing lanes in traffic so much safer. (Posted on 4/4/2016)

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Questions on Backup Camera System with Side Cameras

  • From Bill at 4/29/2014 10:58 PM
    • Can the 7" TFT-LCD monitor be hung from the cabin ceiling via the U-Bracket for 7" Monitor | Model # RVS-422?
    • Yes, it most definitely can be hung from the cabin ceiling with the U-Bracket and this is quite a popular choice.
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  • From Guy Marcoux at 3/14/2015 1:06 PM
    • Can this monitor, with quad screen, be mounted flat on the dash as a direct replacement for my existing 7 inch Voyager screen I already have, and can the side camera be mounted flat on the side of my motorhome ?
    • The answer to both questions would be yes. We actually have a flush-mount for the 7 inch monitor that will help you mount this straight into your dash and that is the RVS-421.
      The side cameras can either be mounted with a small mounting bracket to the side of your vehicle or can be mounted flush against your vehicle.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From jerry at 4/1/2015 12:45 PM
    • Can I see all three camera's at the same time? Where do I mount the side camera's on a class c motorhome?
    • With this system you will only be able to view one camera at a time. You can upgrade to the quad view monitor and that will allow you to view multiple cameras at once.

      The side cameras mount right at the front of the vehicle, on the side, facing back. They usually mount about 4 feet off the ground.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No

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Auto Iris Sensor

Senses ambient light and automatically adjusts infra-red strength based on the ambient light.

Display Contrast/Contrast Ratio

The ratio of the brightest color (white) to the darkest color (black) that the system is capable of producing. A high contrast ratio is a desired aspect of any display.

Display Format/Display Aspect Ratio

The proportional comparison between a display’s width and height. It is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon. Common aspect ratios for displays are 4:3, 16:9, and 21:9. 16:9 is the international standard format for Full HD.

Dot Pitch

A dot pitch measures the maximum sharpness of a displayed image. Usually measured in millimeters (mm), a smaller number means a sharper image.

Dot Resolution

Dots are elements that make up an image. The higher the dot resolution, the higher quality the image.

Event Mode

Video recording mode which causes footage to be overwrite protected. Event mode is usually triggered with unusual vehicle movement or sudden impact.


Frames per second (FPS) is a measurement of how many unique consecutive images a camera can handle every second.


Measures impact or sudden changes in velocities. Once the G-Sensor is activated, event mode automatically begins.

Gamma Correction

Corrects colors on your display.


A style of video compression that allows for the greatest video quality with the smallest storage space.

IP Rating

The IP rating measures protection against solid and liquid objects. The larger the number, the higher the rating. An IP69K rating is the highest rating available, meaning that the system is completely weatherproof.

Infra-Red Illuminator

Infra-red lights are for night vision. Infra-reds emit light which the human eye cannot detect but cameras can. This greatly increases visibility in zero or low light conditions without an actual visible light source. Many of our cameras are equipped with infra-red lights.

Loop Recording

Video recording mode where after video storage is full, the camera will seamlessly loop over and begin recording over the oldest footage.

Mobile DVR

A recording device used to record video footage. DVR's are useful for fleet managers because they provide footage of accidents and information on vehicle's whereabouts and driving routes.

Motion Detection

A feature that automatically records before, during and after an impact while in parking mode. This way the driver has footage from an accident, even when they’re away from their car.


The control unit or "brain" of the system. The multiplexer powers the system, receives all cameras feeds and sends them to the monitor. The multiplexer is connected straight to the fuse box and has a power capacity of 12-24 volts.


National Television System Committee (NTSC) is a video system that transmits 30 frames per second (FPS).

Necessary/Usable Illumination

Measures how much ambient light (measure in lux) is needed to view an image. If your system has infra-red illuminators, 0 lux is needed.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) refers to equipment that was installed in a vehicle when it was manufactured. OEM style is an installation with a clean, factory look.


Phase Alternation by Line (PAL) is a video system that transmits 25 frames per second (FPS).

Picture Elements

Picture elements is another way to write pixel. A pixel is the smallest addressable element in digital imaging. The more pixels, the higher the quality image.

Power Supply

Most of our systems may be powered by 12 or 24 volt batteries, meaning they can be powered by the vehicle battery. DC stands for direct current.

S/N Ratio (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)

Compares the level of desired signal to the level of background noise. A ratio above 1:1 (greater than 0dB) indicates more signal than noise.


A physical or mechanical shock is a sudden acceleration caused by outside factors such as impact. It is usually measured in G units, which represent multiples of the acceleration of gravity.


A high quality monitor used in appliances such as television sets, computer monitors and mobile phones. A TFT LCD monitor improves image qualities including contrast and sharpness. These displays only use up to half the power of a traditional monitor.

TV Lines

The maximum number of alternating light and dark vertical lines that can be resolved per picture height. The higher the number, the better the image quality


An automatic action that occurs when a specific operation occurs. An example is a rear camera view displaying when a car is put into reverse.


A mechanical phenomenon where fluctuations occur about an equilibrium point. It is usually measured in g units, which represent multiples of the acceleration of gravity.

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